Free On Site Consultancy

hazardous waste storage areasMany companies that produce hazardous waste are unaware of the stringent laws they must abide by. Hazgreen offer all its customers free advice on how to keep within the law. This service is offered free of charge. Below are some of the most frequently advised topics.

Correctly sited hazardous waste storage areas – certain areas are not suitable to store hazardous waste.

UN approved labelled on-site containment – non-UN approved and unlabelled wheelie bins are no longer permitted for segregated hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste must be segregated when being stored on site – it is now illegal to store mixed hazardous waste.

Waste type determination – many items previously classified as non-hazardous are now classified as hazardous waste.

Environment Agency changes – legislation changes happen regularly. Many producers are unaware of their legal requirements.